David William Agle


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O b j e c t i v e

To obtain an internship which will further my horticultural knowledge and educate me as to current business practices.

E m p l o y m e n t
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Henry W. Agle & Sons Incorporated
-General Laborer
-Eden, New York
-Supervise groups of employees in picking, planting, and packaging vegetable crops on 85 acres. Move and inspect drip and overhead irrigation systems. Operate various pieces of equipment including bucket tractor, water wheel and pot planters, and floor jack. Plant, maintain, and pack various floral crops including zonal geraniums, carnations, vinca, and miniature sunflowers in ¾ acre of greenhouses.

Amos Zittel & Sons Incorporated
-General Laborer
-Eden, New York
-Clean, plant, and maintain zonal geranium cuttings for Ball Seed Company rooting station. Pack orders for shipping throughout the United States and Canada.

E d u c a t i o n
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The Ohio State University
-Columbus, Ohio
-Candidate: Bachelor Science in Agriculture - March 2001
-Major: Horticulture and Crop Science - Emphasis in Floriculture
-Minor: Agribusiness and Applied Economics
-GPA: 3.78
-Contributed to the developement of the OSU
Master Gardener web Site


Eden Jr / Sr Highschool
-Eden, New York
-New York State Regents Doloma
-Graduated 3rd in class with 94.583% average

A c t i v i t i e s
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Alpha Tau Zeta Fraternity
- 1997 - Present
-Participate in all chapter activities.
-Current Treasurer.
-Responisble for writing of checks, collecting of bills, and all other business aspects of the 35 menber Agricultural Fraternity.


Agronomy Club
-Attend biweekly meetings.
-Help in recruitment of students at FFA agronomy workshop.
-current Vice President

Alpha Zeta Paretners
-College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences Honorary and Leadership Program.
-Will include 3 one-week leadership workshops and a study abroad program in Brazil during the summer of 2000.



Weinland Park Community Garden
-Solicit donations, recruit labor, and grow vegetable seedlings.
-Teach inner city residents how to plant and maintain a vegetable garden

Univertstiy Fruit and Vegetable Society
-Attend biweekly meetings.
-Plant and maintain vegetable seedlings for fundraiser.
-Work as salesman at plant sale.
-Current President



Landscape and Floriculture Forum
-Attend bi weekly meetings

R e f e r e n c e
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Furnished Upon Request

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